About Us

Who am I? – An international online marketer who has been working online since 1998

What do I do? – Specialising in SEO and PPC I run an agency and also some projects on the side

Derek Booth - PPC Workshop

Is that really me? – Yes, you can check me out by searching ‘Derek Booth’ on Google and you will see me

Why am I promoting social media products? – I totally understand social media from a marketing perspective but don’t do a great deal of it so I have been looking for something to help me

Do I use social media in my agency? – Yes we do but to be honest it is something we pass on to our PR partners as it can take a lot of effort and certainly eats up our time which is one of the reasons the ‘Cinch Tweet’ software interested me so much

Who are the people behind ‘Cinch Tweet’? – Cindy Donovan and Shane Brooks are the brains behind this revolutionary Twitter Bot

What if you have some questions about the product? – Cindy provides fantastic support for Cinch Tweet and will be more than happy to help with issues which may arise

Is there a launch date for Cinch Tweet? – Yes, it will be launching on 5th December 2017

Will I be promoting any other Twitter software? – Absolutely, the Twitter Bots are something which have captured my imagination and for our micro sites we can see a lot of value in running different ones depending upon the requirement

Would I promote Facebook automation tools or any other social media for that matter? – Yes, I have been looking at some other tools to add to my social toolbox so please sign up to the email list to get the early bird offers on the latest and greatest social media tools