Cinch Tweet Review

If you use Twitter as part of your social media you absolutely want to be using some intelligence to help you along, read my Cinch Tweet review and see if this is the software for you.

Cinch Tweet Box

What is Cinch Tweet?

Your Twitter account is all about building and engaging with your audience, creating an affinity with users and sharing your thoughts and ideas to enhance their knowledge or maybe to simply provide some light hearted fun. Regardless of the motive Cinch Tweet is a twitter bot which can aid in building your followers by using some incredible intelligence. The tweets are location based and will provide you with some very intelligent follow suggestions.

One of the common complaints about automation software is that you lose an element of control and the decisions being made are simply not what a human would make and therefore very easy to realise the posts are fake or not made by a real person.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) built into Cinch Tweet is probably the first of its type to overcome these problems and the ‘call to action tweets’ which are created are simply amazing.

A Twitter Bot that Learns?

Having software help you to develop and save by automation is a great way to enhance your profile

  • Set and Forget Organic Viral Website Traffic
  • Friendly and Natural Looking Auto Posting
  • Snowballing Audiences
  • Easier Targeting and Follower Engagement
  • Works with ANY Niche

Best of all there is a full money back guarantee!

Why Don’t More Marketers Make Better Use of Twitter?

I think the single biggest reason why Twitter is under used for marketing is to do with time and this is where Cinch Tweet really steps up. One of the biggest time costs is in finding good people to follow then deciding what to post to keep the interest levels up.

The AI in Cinch Tweet is superb, finding the right people to follow and then tweeting with intelligence on autopilot to build the relationships online.

Cinch Tweets Smart Features

There are dozens of amazing features and little n-u-g-g-e-t-s within the twitter bit software, see for yourself;

Find and Follow Targeted Users

Connect your Twitter account and choose how fast/slow you want to build your audience (slow is better… more natural looking!)

Automate Tweets and Retweets

Set our software to look for targeted tweets for you to retweet filling your account with lots of relevant content.

Smart Hashtagging

Hashtags are where your account will get you traffic from wider sources than just your followers. This builds your audience even more!

Location Based Tweets

Using our advanced settings, you can set where CinchTweet finds your new followers and which tweets to RT & reply to.

Personalised Follow Suggestions

Finding people to follow is an individual thing, our system will match you with the best people in your niche.

Custom Search Dates

Build fresher audiences, or use this setting for some ‘flashback’ fun.

Call To Action Tweets

Twitter is great for branding, but you want money too yeah? Schedule money making tweets and break up content with cash!

Send Automated PM’s

Create real personalisation with an automated private message that gets sent out to your followers, you can write whatever you like.

@Conversation Starters

Want to engage people more? Start automated conversation starters tagging them in to a greeting message with their name in it.

Post Search Type: Video

In the advanced settings you can select to ONLY retweet video tweets if you want to fill your feed with engaging videos

Post Search Type: Images

Or if you prefer, only show Images. Or… keep things interesting and you can mix it up with a combination of text, video and image.

Ongoing Free Viral Traffic!

Set it up once and it will work for you forever, building your followers and posting on autopilot – so the best time to start is NOW!

Works On PC & Mac

There’s nothing to install, you simply login, connect your account, pick your settings and it will go to work for you.

Works With ANY Browser

If you able to view this page (you’re reading now, so I’m guessing you can!), then yes – you can use our membership site software.

Unbelievably Easy To Use

We’ve got step-by-step training, ready to walk you through connecting your account and start seeing followers and traffic fast.

Ready to try Cinch Tweet for yourself?

Satisfaction GuaranteeI Guarantee You Will Love It
We’re so sure you’ll enjoy the extra followers and traffic you’ll be getting from CinchTweet, that we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is. Try CinchTweet for a full 30 days, and if you’re not seeing more followers, more traffic and leads – then contact us and we’ll give you your money back. The worst thing that can happen for you right now, is you get to use a piece of software to build your twitter accounts … doesn’t sound too bad, yeah?

Risk Free Traffic Boost